Christophe Pettus

Chair, Program Committee

Christophe has been using Postgres since the 7.2 days. He consults on all sorts of database and application things through PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.

  1. Tell us how you became involved with PostgreSQL.

    I was looking for a low-cost alternative to Oracle, and found PostgreSQL. My suggestion to the CTO of the company to replace our Oracle instances with PostgreSQL was not well-received... but I've never looked back!

  2. What is your favorite thing about PostgreSQL?

    The exuberantly huge range of data types.

  3. What made you decide to become involved with PgDay San Francisco?

    PGX is the only full-service PostgreSQL consultancy based in the Bay Area... how could we refuse?

  4. What else would you like the world to know about you?

    I'll be the Master of Ceremonies at PGDay SF, so you may learn more than you want to about me there...


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