Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now closed. A heartfelt thank you to all who submitted. Our sessions and schedule will be published soon.

Important Dates

  • October 22 — Call for papers opens
  • November 22 — Call for papers closes
  • December 6 — Speakers notified (Speakers receive a free ticket to the conference)
  • December 20 — Sessions and schedule announced

Submission Instructions

The first step to submit your proposal is to set up, or review for returning speakers, your speaker profile. This system integrates your community account. Log in to the system with your PostgreSQL Community Auth credentials. Please note that speaker profiles are not shared between and

Once you've created your profile, this page will provide a link to a form where you can submit your talks for PgDay SF. When the site prompts for a login, use your regular community account. Should you already have your speaker profile, you can go to the talk submission page directly.

PgUS has a Diversity Scholarship to support underrepresented PostgreSQL users in the United States. You can apply to have some or all of your conference attendance costs (registration, hotel, airfare) covered. You can find more information on the Diversity Scholarship here.

Your Speaker Profile


Here are some topics and areas we are particularly interested in. This list is not exclusive! Your talk idea does not have to slot into one of these specific areas.

  • Case studies and/or success stories of PostgreSQL deployments
  • Administering large scale PostgreSQL installations
  • PostgreSQL tools and utilities
  • Developing applications for PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL hacking
  • Community & user groups
  • Tuning the server
  • Migrating from other systems
  • Scaling/replication
  • Benchmarking & hardware
  • Security
  • Containerization and PostgreSQL
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • PostgreSQL & Environmental Sustainability
  • PostgreSQL-related products (presentations on commercial products are welcome, but should focus on their technical characteristics, rather than simply being sales-oriented)


Anyone interested in submitting a talk to PgDay San Francisco is welcome to email us at at any time! We're happy to help with ideas, suggestions, or advice for any stage of the talk-creation process.

Here are some additional links and resources on writing and submitting a proposal, improving public speaking skills, creating a presentation, and more that may be helpful for prospective speakers:

Wondering what tools could be used to create your talk? Some popular (and free!) choices include:

Selection Committee

The following people are responsible for accepting the proposals that make up the schedule for PgDay San Francisco.

Erin Odenweller
Claire Giordano
Elein Mustain
Christophe Pettus
PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.

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